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About Excelerated Oil

Who is Excelerated Oil?

Excelerated Oil,was developed by  an accomplished chemical engineer with a background in the oil and gas industry. He was looking to develop an oil that not only lasted longer but reduced engine wear and dramatically increased fuel efficiency.  Backed by years of research, and over millions of miles of on the road testing, Excelerated Oil is one of the finest petroleum products on the market today.
Owned and operated out of Denver, Colorado, Excelerated Oil is at last putting this revolutionary motor oil into the engines of the consumer. 




What is Excelerated Oil?



Excelerated Oil is not an additive or a synthetic, but a highly refined 99.7 water-white pure base oil stock. Oil pure enough to be used in medicine and cosmetics. The purity of the oil is important as it applies to the electrical opposition of the oil. 



Simply put: The purer the oil, the better the performance.


For both personal and business vehicles Excelerated Oil has been exhaustively tested and has been certified by the American Petroleum Institute.  It has been given a G-5 rating by the ILSAC (International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee), which is the highest rating possible. 





The Science Behind Excelerated Oil


Excelerated Oil works by using a combination of hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. Once the oil is in it’s pure state, proprietary technology and techniques are used in blending military grade additions to the oil.  When this oil is added to the engine, the additives electrically bond to the moving parts. As the surfaces encounter each other, the molecules from each component oppose their counter of the opposite part.  As the temperature and rpm’s of the engine increase, the electrical opposition also increases.
A simple explanation of electrical opposition is to take 2 magnets and try to push the positive ends together, because of the opposing molecules the two magnets cause separation. Excelerated Oil works on the same principle thus causing less engine friction.