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How it Compares
Questions are continually asked how Excelerated Oil compares to synthetic motor oils.  In multiple one on one testing of Excelerated Oil vs. Mobil 1, Excelerated Oil outperformed Mobil 1 in virtually every category.
Excelerated Oil has been rigorously tested and has achieved superior results.  Because of the high quality and performance, it has been certified by the American Petroleum Institute; service category CJ-, CI-5/SN/SM.  It’s ILSAC (International Lubrication Standardization and Approval Committee) Oil Specification is GF-5 which is the highest rating possible.  In addition, Excelerated Oil exceeds all manufacturers specifications for warranty validation.
                                   Traditional Motor Oil                vs.                      Excelerated Oil
                              Average Oil Change Interval:                           Excelerated Oil Change Interval:                  
                                       Every 3000 miles                                            Up to 20,000 miles!
                             Increase in Gas Mileage with                              Increase in Gas Mileage with
                                            Average Oil:                                                       Excelerated Oil:
                                      0 miles per fill up                                           80-100 miles per fill up!
                         Inconvenient Average Oil Changes:                Convenient Excelerated Oil Changes:
                                        You go to them,                                                 We come to you,
                                   hours of wasted time                                              time is money!
                          Average Oil and the Environment:                  Excelerated Oil and the Environment:
                                       More oil changes,                                    70% more Eco-Friendly than
                                  more disposal issues                                          solvent based oils!
                         Cost of multiple $40 traditional oil                            Cost of full oil change process
                              changes with  after 20,000 miles:                                    Excelerated Oil Change:
                                              $400.00                                                                  $125.00
                      Fuel savings after 20,000 miles using                Fuel savings after 20,000 miles using
                                          traditional oil:                                                       Excelerated Oil:
                                                $0.00                                                                    $1527.00*


*Based on a 16 gallon tank getting a conservative gas mileage increase of 4mpg (from 18 to 22mpg) using Excelerated Oil with gas being $3.50 per gallon.