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                                                                     "My car was getting 28 mpg, now it is getting 34 mpg, UNBELIEVABLE!"
                                                                                                                                  -Don T., Evergreen, CO
       "We have been doing business in Denver for over 100 years.  In that time myself and my family have been exposed to an awful lot of "new products."  When Dan came to us from Excelerated Oil and explained all the advantages of their product we were extremely skeptical.  They patiently told us about the oil and we have been using it since February 2009.  Tony Capra plumbing covers the Front Range of Colorado and we put an awful lot of miles on our vehicles, both vans and trucks.  Immediately the drivers noticed increased horsepower and smoother running engines.  The "starts" were also smoother and quicker.  The real rubber meets the road deal is the increased gas mileage.  We are experiencing close to 28% fleet wide in savings on our gas purchases.  With 53 vehicles that is a tremendous savings.  Also, the mobile part of the process lets us concentrate on doing business and we have experienced absolutely no down time.  We would highly recommend Excelerated Oil in anythiing that has an engine." 
                 -Marco Capra, and Carlo Capra, Owners Tony Capra Plumbing & Heating CO. Denver, CO
         "My company has a fleet of 26 vans.  By using Excelerated Oil my savings this year have exceeded $50,000!"
                                                                                                                  -J.D. Enterprises, Cheyenne, WY

      "Integrated Electric has used (Excelerated Oil ) products for over 8 months and have found them to be excellent.  In this day and age it is amazing that something actually works like people claim it does.  Excelerated Oil does MORE than what they claim it does.  Their customer service and their product is excellent.  We have experienced better gas mileage and increased horsepower in all of our vehicles.  I even use this in my personal vehicles and my wife loves the savings, almost $100 per month in her car alone.  We have averaged 24.6% improved gas mileage on our 17 vehicles overall.  I also understand that this oil will increase engine life.  In addition, our vehicles are running close to 33 degrees cooler than they were before we used Excelerated Oil.  The savings have translated into close to a $2800 per month savings to the Company.  In this economy that is nothing to be taken lightly."
-Tim Carpenter, Operations Manager Integrated Electric Inc. Denver, CO

                                                                         "I'm getting 100 extra miles everytime I fill up, I love Excelerated Oil!"
                                                                                                                                  -Jordan M., Aurora, CO
      "I have used Excelerated Oil products for both my gas and diesel trucks for over six (6) months.  The results have been outstanding.  I have averaged almost 24% increase in gas mileage on my gas vehicles and 18-19% on my diesel vehicles.  The diesel vehicles are the 18 wheeler over the road trucks.  We regularly make the Denver to Buffalo (NY) run.  Truly the first thing my drivers noticed was the increased horsepower.  Going over mountain passes were a lot easier and with a lot less shifting and grinding of gears.  Smooth could be the only way to describe it.  The gas savings have been a God-send due to the economy, the only reason we are managing to keep our heads above water is due to the savings wer are experiencing because of Excelerated Oil.  We are saving almost $340.00 per vehicle per trip.  This is a tremendous savings for our Company.  I would strongly recomment Excelerated Oil to anyone interested in saving money.  These guys have great products and are first class people."
                                                                                 -Mark Simons, President Spirit Trucking Denver, CO
                                                                                 "Not only has my mileage improved, my car has more power."
                                                                                                                                 -Matthew H., Denver, CO
      "Excelerated Oil Solutions has been supplying oil and filters for our Company owned cargo vans for several years.  Although I was skeptical at first, I am very pleased that I made the decision to give Excelerated Oil and its products a chance.  I have found a significant improvement in gas mileage, and the miles traveled between oil changes are incredible.  One more pleasant surprise is the customer service I have received.  Regular checks and monitoring of the condition of the oil in the vehicles has gone hand in hand with the value of the product."
                         -Greg Hubbard, Vice President Speedy Messenger and Delivery Service Denver, CO
      "I want to express how pleased I am since switching to Excelerated Oil.  I am the owner of a mobile oil change company based in Denver Colorado.  We specialize in on location oil changes along with preventative fleet maintenance services.  I currently have 6 Chevy Express vans in my fleet.  Being an oil change company, I would typically use my own product and change the oil on my vehicles every 3000 miles.  While using Excelerated Oil I must admit I was a little skeptical, but agreed to give it a try in one of my vehicles.  To my surprise, the vehicle I tested went from 12.2 mpg to 17.6 mpg.  I now have it in all my vehicles.  In every one of my vans I am consistently getting 17 to 18 miles per gallon.  Another strong benefit is the longevity of the oil.  While I was changing my oil every 3000 miles. I now don't have to change it for 15,000 to 20,000 miles.  The money and time i am saving is simply amazing.  I would like to thank Excelerated Oil, and would highly recomment it to anyone looking to save money."
                                                               -Chris Zimmerman, Owner/Operator The Pit Crew Littleton, CO


      "I am writing you this letter to let you know how your oil has improved our racing program.  We have a long and successful history using Mobil One and Lucas additives in our unlimited class road racing and drag racing C4 Lingenfelter Corvette.  Our car is designed to campaign in the United Council of Corvette Clubs khana, road racing, and drag racing circuits.  Since the year 2000, we have campaigned this car to 5 straight national championships in both drag and road competition.  However, with the increasing technology and advancements of the new 6th generation Corvette, we were looking at purchasing a newer car to stay competitive.  We felt we were at the limit of the current race cars potential.  Once we were introduced to your oil, we were skeptical.  We have heard claims from countless numbers of lubricant manufacturers claiming amazing gains in power and longevity.  NONE lived up to their claims until Excelerated Oil.      
      I put this oil in our rock crawler jeep YJ to validate the claims before we changed the formula in the vette.  The jeep has a 4cyl. stock motor with 11:1 gear reduction.  It also was using the same lubricant formula as the Corvette due to the high rpm duties it sees.  The Jeep immediately displayed improved idle characteristics.  After about 800 miles, the jeep was gaining noticeable torque and a broader power band.  Fuel economy increased by almost 10%. Operating temperatures were reduced by 23 degrees Fahrenheit.  We had to actually put in a hotter thermostat to compensate.  This can only be attributed to the reduced friction in the engine causing less heat buildup internally.
      After 3900 miles, the oil is still very clear.  Mobil One and Lucas would both be black after 1000 miles.  We pulled the valve cover for verification and testing.  The springs, Rockers, and upper head are clean as the day we installed them.  Amazingly, the oil did everything Excelerated Oil claimed it would do.    Looking forward to the Corvette, we have decided to keep the current car in operation this season.  We will be using Excelerated Oil exclusively.  These types of gains are exactly what we need to keep our competitive edge.  The 2013 racing season is going to be really promising for The ZRO Group Corvette Racing Team and we owe it all to Excelerated Oil.   I would stake my reputation on the fact that your product is FINALLY the real McCoy.  Thank you Excelerated OilAnd see you in the winners circle."
                                                                          -Rick Buchanan, Sr. Engineer  The ZRO Group, Akron, OH 

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